Patrick Maroso: Solar Drones





Alexandre Dang: Sun Drawing





Installation by ThoughtBarn





Craig Colorusso: Sun Boxes





Sunny Side Up – proposal for a public art installation by Hung Fai Tang and Natalie Wong





Natalia Eernstman and Bryony Onciul: Miss you Already





Lorraine Leeson: ActiveEnergy





Felix Prater: 1 of 84 million





Petrichor or The Smell of Paris Soils





Hannah Imlach: Nautilus Turbine





Endless Summer: proposal by Melissa Elliott and Elizabeth Bailey

Feeding the Insatiable

creative explorations of real and imaginary futures

a summit

November 9 -11 2016

Dartington Hall, Devon, England

Energy is an old, wily creature to walk with. It rises from the heat of the Earth’s core, falls in a sunbeam, comes with the tide to form cliffs. It takes people and places, time and technology, to transform and transport energy (it can never be destroyed). How to walk with this ethereal power, and tell its stories? How to imagine and write its futures?

Laura Watts


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Call for participation: Significantus

PIANO SUITE IX 'SIGNIFICANTUS' AT FEEDING THE INSATIABLE CALL OUT FOR A SPEAKER FROM LOLA PERRIN Significantus is a live, interactive piano project performed in collaboration with local guest speakers; scientists, artists & other thinkers.  Touring from autumn...

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Art and Energy futures

by Chris Fremantle, originally posted at eco/art/scot/land Art, particularly sited work, can create a ‘third space’ for public discourse.  By ‘third space’ we mean a space other than the commercial or governmental spaces for people to engage with issues.  This is...

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Art…can create a ‘third space’ for public discourse.  By ‘third space’ we mean a space other than the commercial or governmental spaces for people to engage with issues.  This is often characterised by being non-hierarchical, open and willing to embrace contradiction, uncertainty, etc.

Chris Fremantle



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First Friday, November 4

November 4, 2016, 1:00pm - November 4, 2016, 3:30pm

Dartington Space, Dartington Hall

First Fridays are a time to gather and share - food, ideas, art, gossip. First Fridays is entirely informal: a bring-something-to-share lunch followed usually by some kind of artist presentation. Our guest artists this month is Mat Osmond, writer and illustrator. In his presentation 'Hatching a Fly' Mat will touch on some new threads of work, and will talk about the development of a recent (2015) illustrated poetry chapbook called Fly Sings, using that as a point of departure to ask people what it is that making art - in whatever form or context - makes possible. The notions of eco-art and eco-poetics both seem to imply that in some sense art helps us to deal with the 'wicked problems' that our culture presents us with. That solar panels, systems theory or permaculture help us may be easy enough to defend. What about art and poetry? What is it in us that stands in need of the help specific to these pursuits? Go to for more information. See more of his work at

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